I ordered an All sorts bagel with Black garlic cashew spread and a sunny. MY OH MY that black garlic cashew spread was sooooo good?? It tasted like a savoury tangy meaty hummus. Think its suppose to be a vegan spread but i ordered it because i love garlic and I was most definitely not disappointed.

He ordered Lamb shawarma, Sunny and Tomatoes in a Garlic bagel. The spice blend in the lamb was so good, paired perfectly with the lamb which was part lean and part fat. The garlic bagel too, had fried bits of garlic on top and garlic pieces mixed into the bagel batter itself, was so good.

We love garlic and this was the perfect order because its mini CB now and we can’t go out to meet others so we could afford to have that smelly garlicky breath after our garlic heavy two men order.

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