Finally get to try the Uncle Fong Hot Pot’s signature nine-grid layout pot. Now I get the idea of why this pot is so unique now. The nine-grid layout segregates the pot into three different heat zone:

▪️The heat is strongest in the middle square where the fire is more concentrated, ideal for blanching quick-cook food instead of long cooking.

▪️The Four grids around the centre square of the pot are heated with a more even, medium heat, making the best for poaching foods

▪️Corner grids get the least amount of heat and this simmers the soup in low heat, making it perfect for stewing

🔥From now until 30 Jun 2022, you can enjoy the Nine Grid Spicy Soup Base for FREE (UP: $28.00/pot)!🔥

The soup bases are brewed and simmered from premium spices and condiments, while fresh ingredients that goes into the pot are specially curated to complement the soups.

Highlight includes:
▪️Seasonal Special: Fresh Razor Clams, airflown into Singapore directly from Putien every week.

▪️Beef Tripe: Premium ox tripe which is served properly cleaned and cut into wide and thin strip

▪️US Prime Beef Short Ribs, a good fat to lean meat ratio

▪️Home-made Ebiko Prawn Paste, made from hormone-free white prawns hand-minced to a silky paste

▪️Pig Throat, a delightfully chewy treat

▪️Putien Soft Tofu, tender and smooth beancurd

▪️Red Sea Cucumber Intestine

▪️Sea Cucumber Intestine

Location: Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant, Great World, #B1-108/109, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994

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