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Heard a bit about Brunetti and how impressive the cakes are in Australia, so knowing that there is a branch here in Singapore, I decided to check out what they have on offer!

The Pear and Cheese Crumble ($10++) comes as a surprisingly delicious baked dessert to me because I'm usually not a big fan of American-style cheesecakes as they can get pretty cloying. While the cream cheese flavour is strong with this cake, it is not heavy. Pairing up with poached pear gives the cake slightly sweet notes to the cake along with the blackberry jam. The base of the cake is done with chocolate chip biscuits, but I did not really get an impression of that while having this. Topped with a blackberry to finish, this cake is such a joy to eat along with some tea or coffee, although the steep price point might leave some feeling skeptical before ordering. 🤔