Back at Sarnies! Honestly wasn't that impressed the last time and this visit was only slightly better. The food here is not that special and ghastly overpriced imo but there seems to always be a lively buzz about this cafe (which certainly earns this place ambience points).

Breakkie burg ($19) 🍔 8/10

Was a bit hesitant to order this because it seemed small in photos. But boy was I wrong -- this burger was huge! It may not look like it but that scrambled egg right there was a good 1/2 inch thick at some areas and was as fluffy as a cloud.

The smashed beef patty itself was sizeable and consisted of firm, fresh meat that I savoured with every juicy bite. It's a simple beef, egg, and cheddar burger but so well done.

Truffle scrambled eggs ($23) 🍳 5/10

The moment this was set down on the table, we were greeted with a heady smell of truffle. However, when we actually dug in, the truffle taste pretty much dissipated and we were left with a pretty tasteless mishmash of grey eggs splayed atop withered spinach, soggy mushrooms, and slightly burnt and stale toast.

Maybe it's the food presentation that needs work (who puts wet spinach on bread and leaves it to condense under some eggs?) or it needs more seasoning, but this dish left me yearning for more.