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The foul weather really put a damper on my plans yesterday. But all was good as I was able to secure a stash of Brotherbird Milk & Croissants' delectable baked goods!

Spending the day away with a box of assorted mochi croissants and cruffins at the comforts of my own home; the two croissant-muffin hybrids were easy favourites. Crusty, chewy, flaky and absolutely toothsome, the oriental element of the Chrysanthemum Tea Mochi Cruffin ($4) worked surprisingly well with the pastry. A taste of spring, the cream was both flowery and refreshing with the right balance of sweetness. Rolled in sugar, the smooth filling was light yet managed to shine with the vibrant tea flavour. And for something a bit more tangy… filled with lemon cheesecake cream, the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Mochi Cruffin ($4) tasted simply exceptional. The small dollop of lemon curd and soft torched meringue also added a nice touch to the slightly tart, custard-like cheesecake cream.

The more premium of the four, the Kinder Bueno Twice-Baked Mochi Croissant ($5) incites just as much joy as the childhood wafer bar using the foolproof combination of praline cream and chocolate. Nutty and chocolatey, the pastry had a great play of textures too with the thin white chocolate shards and crunchy hazelnuts. And for those who enjoy a classic butter croissant, the Original Mochi Croissant ($3) offers a pleasant twist to the French viennoiserie with a tad more springy and chewy bite in the middle accompanied by the familiar buttery fragrance