BILL: $58.50 nett (3 pax) inclusive of the 5th dish, Prawn Ball with Mayo & Pork Floss, which arrived first and got wiped out too soon

WAITING TIME: Reached at 6.45pm on Sunday. Not long at all for such a popular zichar place. Very efficient system (order first before getting a table). First dish arrived after 5 minutes.

SETTING: Coffeeshop

PARKING: Right downstairs (Coupon parking)

CHILLI: Nice belachan chili sauce + the usual chilli w/ soya sauce

SPECIAL LOVE FOR πŸ’—: the sauce in the Chili lala dish β€’ the small crunchy bits in the signature Butter Pork Ribs

WILL NOT ORDER AGAIN: 1) Fragrant beancurd $12 - we all wished there were chyepoh among the minced meat but nope. 2) Prawn Ball with Mayo & Pork Floss $15 - the quantity just doesn't justify the price. Also do not like the mayo.

WILL WE RETURN? Definitely