Located in SMU, this café offers hyped food and environment for students and general masses who like to hang out at a university environment. In frame is B.E.C. (is it Bacon, Egg and Cheese? - $10) with sesame bagel. It is a typical café fare big breakfast in bagel format and similar in composition with one menu item in a renowed bagel house. Overall it taste good due to the aioli and cheese. The scrambled egg seems to be done with a lot of butter as the paper wrapper was drenched with it, that the bacon becomes a bit soggy with it too. If you like butter this is great but very messy. They are really generous with the bacon serving though. The black coffee ($4) is good too - no acidic aftertaste (I don't like coffee with high acidity or fruit-ish notes), just nice and quite balanced. The indoor space is bright, airy, well socially-distanced, rustic and instagramable, with more seats outdoor including the SMU wooden benches facing the National Museum.