I've always heard of deep fried cauliflower but have never got a chance to try it. And while some are still hyped over truffle fries, my eyes were set on the Beer Battered Cauliflower (S$12.00).

To my satisfaction, the vegetable was lightly coated with batter, and after sending it to the fryer, the product is a crispy and crunchy crust coat over well-cooked, soft cauliflower. It's to my liking so much that I thought I was having a vegetarian Karaage Chicken.

But don't say I never warn you about the dip sauce. What I make out of it is vinegarette with infused chilli padi and a dash of olive oil. Consume with caution because the taste of spice will linger in your mouth for a while. Not for those who fear spicy stuff.