Bun DMC ($18) 🍔
You certainly won't be 'running' from this burger! This playfully-named burger features a Tasmanian Vintage beef patty within two artisan brioche buns. With sauces like Three Islands mayo, ketchup, onion puree, and even watermelon relish covering the patty, the burger was far from dry and got me hooked from start to finish. That said, the patty itself was also perfectly pink in the middle and juicy. Given my encounters with them during carnival events, I expected no less from the Three Buns.

Dirty miso fries ($9) 🍟
I expected the miso fries to be gritty but the sauce tasted smooth and almost... caramel-like. It brought bursts of sweetness and umami flavours over the unique flat fries and was very enjoyable! My only concerns were its small portion size and the dry sausages.

Overall: the food was very good, the ambience alright, the service was good, but the prices too steep, especially when you can get their bangin' burgers for cheap at carnivals.

®️: 7.5/10

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