[Malacca] Reservations have to made in advance especially during lunch time or be prepared to leave without a table disappointed. Our lunch at 2pm was delightful, one of the better and affordable Perenakan fares I've had yet not the best.
Hits: Popiah (RM4.50 per roll), the Popiah skin used here will leave an impression- unlike the usual paper thin skin, the ones here are pleasantly thick and taste good on its own.
Sambal Steamed Fish was another dish that was memorable with its sambal that was paradoxically light while packing a punch.
The curries here are more fluid and not paste-like-rich and meat cuts are of good quality.
Misses: Nyonya Rice Dumpling, Mackerel Otah, Ngo Hiang we did not find fascinatingly tasty
Fish Maw Soup that had more fishballs and handmade meat balls instead but at that price we closed an eye.
Nyonya Kuehs were decent but not outstanding with the exception the ondeh ondeh.