the signature chicken and rice from sliced chicken thigh brined and double fried, paired with garlic butter rice, soft boiled egg and vegetables.
the chicken was tender and juicy because of its brine. the double frying ensured that the batter was extra crispy, and I loved the nooks and crannies that gave it a lovely crunch after frying. the chicken is supposedly marinated in a mixture of asian herbs, but i found the taste somewhat similar to prawn paste chicken which i love. this was basically popcorn chicken on crack.
of note, the rice comes in a variety of flavours including tomato oregano, cilantro lime and garlic butter. each mouthful is rich and evenly flavoured, resulting in a very moreish dish!
I just wish the shop was a little more accessible. it is located at a shopping mall in west coast called NeWest, and probably 80% of the mall is not tenanted. talk about a ghost town!