cl0ckwise fr0m t0p left:
✦Sweet & s0ur crispy abal0ne 世界名片($10)
👍 yummy+really crispy…the sweet & s0ur taste was well balanced
✦M0nkey head asparagus 清炒芦笋猴子菇 ($12)
0verall 0k bc g0t veg, just the "big" mushr00m n0t t0 my palate as it turns c0ld 🤷 0h btw to dish wasn't that h0t when served in the first place
✦Clayp0t n00dle 煲仔面 ($6.50)
variety 0f vegs! i find the mee with sauce a tad salty, but he finds it ok & good. he finished é wh0le b0wl! 🤭