If you would like to spend the early afternoon with your better half, with scenery, then @fennelcafe is for you! 💕

If I’m not mistaken, having reservations with the cafe, allows you to have free shuttle service and flower dome entrance, so you could just make a reservation at this cafe if there is any flower dome season that attracts you.

While, for the food-wise, it is quite mediocre for me, it’s definitely edible, but it didn’t wow me. What wow me is how small the flat white was at the price of $6 😂

We made reservations before 1pm, which is their lunch menu, and out of the two dishes, I would still go with their toasted leg ham panini. As it has the solid cheese taste and personally I do love their pickled vegetables.

As for their Tagliatelle alla bolognese with aged parmesan, the flavour is really strong despite the pasta doesn’t have much sauce, but it is still moisturized.

Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: $26/pax
Location: @fennelcafe

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