Top left: bergamot kombucha (must say this is one of those flavors gone wrong, not my thing, very odd combination)

Top right: smoked peppermint (don’t get much of that smokiness?? But decent mild milk based mint ice cream.

Bottom left: basil tarragon (love this!! But I get how some might find it too savory)

Bottom right: acai yoghurt (what you’d expect of a acai ice cream, I forgot the name mentioned yoghurt cause I didn’t get any of that from the taste)

Never seen such a list of interesting flavors before!!! If I could have it my way, I would order the WHOLE menu. Would come back to try some flavors: Cherry bamboo charcoal, bee pollen, sea salt black sesame, lychee dragon fruit, strawberry stracciatella sherbet, ginseng lemon, soursop calamansi.