It can be burgers, wings and fries that sounds like a western restaurant but the fried shallots on every single dish make it so Asian taste. (At least that's what my mum likes to use when she cook) I had the crabby patty and like many said, spongebob will definitely approved. The burger were soft and the crab party were filled with seafood taste. It doesn't come with a lot of mayo or what but with fried shallots (again) to up the taste of it. The naughty fries and wings were good. Eat it while it's hot though, a little spicy here and there but the drinks will definitely subside it. The pink guava mojito was alright. My buddy accidentally drop the leaves filled with sugar into the drink in her hibiscus mojito and she was complaining how sweet it was Hahahah! Definitely worth a try! Though it's a little pricey for a burger. Burger range $20-$35