First time using the 1-for-1 deal and the staff was impatient to explain choices for the deal. I read that Mao Shan Wang is not included and some reviewers mentioned they ordered the D24 one, so I asked. She eagerly told me ALL durians are not included. It’s almost like she was not keen to sell if I’m buying with the deal.

There’s an ongoing 3-for-$20 promo at the stall with even less choices of cake. General impression is that they are not keen to sell with deal and promo.

Anyway, I ended up with lychee martini and avocado macadamia. Taste of cake is ok. The filling is crunchy and nice combi with frozen cream. I will use up my deal for the nice cakes, but with the poor service and high price, I won’t go again without the deal 👎