Visited Cecilia's Bistro again and brought dad down to try their food — they seemed to have added a bowl of soup to all our mains ever since our visit just days ago without increasing prices. While the soup was rather uninspiring and a tad watery, the Fish & Chips were pretty satisfactory despite the fried batter being a little bit dark; it's satisfyingly crisp on the exterior while the insides were flaky and moist. There are quite a couple of choices for the sauces such as Satay Rendang, Peanut, Salted Egg Yolk, Mushroom and Black Pepper — we opted for the cheese sauce to go with the Fish & Chips; the same Nacho Cheese sauce that we secretly love deep down. Going for the fries and coleslaw for our choice of two sides, the quality of the coleslaw still remained consistent while the fries (which we were trying for the first time) were crisp but could do with a little more salt or perhaps even Cajun seasoning.