When we talk about Lei Cha Fan, the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the green (tea) soup that is served with your rice. The soup from this stall is light, clean, and easy on the palate.

Most of the time, the bowl of Lei Cha Fan itself is slightly plain, but this stall’s Brown rice Lei Cha FAN (the rice, literally) blew me away. This is the best I have tried!!!

Being a Chinese vegetarian stall, the vegetables are usually fried without garlic and onion. One would expeft the flavours to be (slightly) bland.

Nope. It is one of the most wonderfully flavoured rice I have tried. They don’t use msg btw.

The brown rice has a wonderful aroma from the assortment of aromatic herbs/ spices like lemongrass, ginger etc it was cooked with. It goes very well with the array of vegetables! So, order the brown rice!

It you have friends who have tried but don’t like Lei Cha Fan, or brown rice, bring them here to try this. It will change their mind about thunder tea rice being bland and unexciting.

By the way I tried the Nonya rice dumpling opposite this stall. Soft, overcooked and a tad too wet/ mushy for my liking. Can’t remember the name of the stall, but it was disappointing.