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Street/hawker food found on a restaurant's menu has always had an appeal to me. If under less comfortable conditions, the hawkers and street vendors can already come up with such marvellous tasting dishes, what could the chefs in a restaurant, with their advanced equipment and huge kitchens, whip up? When the satay was served, it certainly looked promising: served on a steel mesh placed atop a candle with vegetables and peanut sauce on the side. After quickly snapping a picture of the dish, I placed a skewer into my mouth slowly, eagerly anticipating a hot-off-the-grill, smoky, charred chunk of chicken meat. This was not to be. While the meat was tender, I felt that the skewers here lacked the smoky, slightly charred qualities of street stalls. Also, the meat was at room temperature, which probably meant this was prepared in advance and left at a side till an order came in. I then decided to try another skewer after leaving it on the mesh for a while, with hope that the tiny flame from the candle placed below would be of help and eventually came to a conclusion that the candle was placed there purely for decorative purposes. It probably would help a little if they heated their spicy peanut sauce up to compensate for the skewers which were at room temperature or provided a sizeable flame/ charcoal below the steel mesh. What a waste to pair a flavourful peanut sauce with chicken prepared like that. Well, if they're supplying this, I don't think I'll be demanding it.