Taste: Jjimdak at Seoul Jjimdak is a mixture of boneless chicken with various vegetables such as carrots, onions, cucumber and potatoes and thick glass noodles topped with dried chilli. The brown sauce broth was quite thick and all the ingredients were well cooked together. The vegetables were also quite fresh and portion was very substantial. You may order additional ingredients if you have huge appetite. We had the broth cooked for about 15 to 20 minutes before switching off as it was getting pretty salty and spicy. They also served side dishes: Kimchi, Cold Pasta, Salad and Preserved radish. They do not serve free plain water.

Atmosphere: Clean and organized restaurant!

Service: We were greeted warmly upon entering the restaurant. One good point was that the service staff would help to cook the Jjimbak before handing over to us. They were very attentive too and took extra effort to cut the chicken into smaller bits :)

Price: $39.90. However, we used Eatigo mobile application to make the reservation on a Saturday at 11.30am. There was a 50% discount. Click on this link to register on Eatigo: http://refer.eatigo.com/eati1iqgw-1v9

Where to find this place: Northpoint City, South Wing B1-179