First post about @ashessgburnnit, but it ain’t my first time scarfing down their burgers, and it sure as hell won’t be my last. Unless my memory’s gone out like a blown lightbulb, I’m sure Ashes was the pioneer of hawker centre burgers years back, blazing a trail for all the young hawkers to take inspiration from. They’ve rebranded since then & opened up their newest outpost in Alexandra Village, and one does not simply set up shop near me without getting a visit from yours truly.⠀

A double smash cheeseburger sets you back by $8.40 nett, and it’s easily on par, if not better, than many restaurants, cafés & burger chains while being about half the price. Two juicy, thick & tremendously tasty minced beef patties are clad in meticulously melted American cheese, and then they’re loaded into a charcoal black burger bun slathered with Ashes’ Signature Sauce. As a final touch, the burger is garnished with shredded lettuce & fried shallots.⠀

The burger is beefy, breathtaking bliss, but it could be improved in a couple ways. Firstly, the shallots were too few to make an impact, so a lot more shallots in the burger would make the impact intended, injecting a lot of crunch & the sweet, salty & toasty flavours of fried shallots into the burger. Secondly, a whole leaf of fresh lettuce holds up way better than shredded lettuce, which just tends to make a mess of everything.⠀

As for the fries, you can upgrade the bare fries to cheese fries or truffle fries. Sure, the truffle fries are chock full of the heady, intoxicating aroma of truffle oil & the stretchiness of half melted shredded mozzarella, but the cheese fries were on another plane of luxury altogether. The thick, crisp yet fluffy shoestring fries are doused in an equitable amount of molten cheese and glazed with mayonnaise just to make everything even more gloriously gluttonous.⠀

Before you rush out to catch these ashes, don’t forget the wet wipes. It’s gonna get messy. Oh and don’t forget to wash this brilliant burger experience down with a cold pint of beer from @dangerclosebeverageco. These burgers are halal, but I’m a hundred percent haram, baby.