price: $17.60 (extra scoop of gelato was $5.80)

we got the matcha cookies & cream (right) and hokkaido milk (left) flavour🍵🍦 their gelato was really milky and smooth 😋 thought their matcha cookies and cream was gon be pure matcha gelato with oreos but instead it was a milk/vanilla based ice cream with matcha cookies crumbs. definitely not the full matcha experience but still really yummy especially if you are not going for so much of the ‘cha’ taste☺️ their waffles are dairy-free and thus was slightly different from the usual waffles! i felt that it was on the crunchier side and more ‘hollow’ which really complemented the creaminess of the gelato!😌

rate: 8.5/10 ✨

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