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We started off on a pretty positive note with the Crabmeat 🦀 Croquette ($8). My only qualm is that the addition of coconut in the fritter wasn’t the best complement.

The Grilled Squid 🦑($18) was quite tough but still tasty. However the onion rice 🍚 that stuffed inside the squid was really mushy.

Spotlight on the signature main course — Sophia’s Risotto 🥘 (with crabmeat, coconut, chilli, mackerel). I don’t know if the chef made a mistake in our plate or if this is a disastrously planned concoction 🥴 . Seeing from the other negative reviews online, I believe it’s the latter... 😞 The coconut milk was too overpowering and weighs the already starchy dish down. Most horrifyingly.... there were pockets of rice with a really fishy 🐟 .. almost bloody taste 🤢 #SOS

Lastly, dessert featured a Lemon Tart topped with sorbet, mint leaves 🍃, raspberries and shards of rose flavoured Meringue. 💯 on presentation but theres room for improvement in the taste department...

Overall, I’m disappointed and shocked that we paid so much $$$ for food that should’ve been MUCH better (it’s under the Saveur group!)

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