Deep in the night I’m looking for some fun, deep in the night, I’m looking for some la...mala, that is. Sure, @happyendingpizza is pretty far from being the pioneer of pizza with mala on it, but they do it remarkably well. The Spicy Babe is twenty eight bucks for a mala-powered sauce base that has a smattering of minced beef, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella & parmesan cheese riding on top of it. All that jazz is drizzled with more Sichuan chili oil and the chili peppers themselves to make it super naughty, and damn it works a treat.

The mala is magnificently fragrant, with the pie being smelt well before it’s dealt. The spice level is essentially a 小辣, the second mildest spice setting which should please most pleasure hunters. While it would be nice for Happy Ending to ask you how hot & sweaty you want it, it’s not a dealbreaker right now. The minced beef was beefed up with the fragrant, numbing & slightly spicy mala oil, and the cheese blend was melted, majestic perfection.⠀

Mala on pizza sounds weird, but believe me when I say that this is an unexpected paring that works like a charm. Beef & mala is a tale as old as time, but add a stellar sourdough pizza crust and a medley of melted cheese into the numbing & spicy & salty mix, and you’ve got a feisty little firecracker that’s gonna ride your tongue till you go numb.⠀

For the final time (for now), thanks to @happyendingpizza for being our premier pleasure provider, and to @burpple for hooking us up!

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