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There’s only two choices on the desserts menu at Sarnies - brownies or acai soft serve. Due to a misunderstanding with the waiter, I ended up getting only one brownie although I was intending to use the Mains + Dessert offer on Entertainer on Thursday night. Oh well. The brownie tasted really nice, probably made even better while I was under the impression that it was free.

All I can say is WOW. This is one good brownie. It’s not fancy, but it’s moist, soft, slightly fudgey, and super chocolatey. Even with my sinus-dulled senses I could still taste so much chocolate in each bite and enjoyed it a lot. Wasn’t too sweet at all but it could’ve been made even better if it were warmed up. Apparently you can have it served with ice cream too as we saw another table with vanilla ice cream beside their brownie.