Fans of double-boiled soups will agree that it is truly an art form to have the flavour of the ingredients extracted out without overcooking them. Hence, many out there tend to be mildly thirst-inducing (god forbid, MSG) but the ones at Lim’s, located at Bukit Merah Central, are certainly different.

A clear, refreshing and subtly sweet broth, their Signature Old Coconut Chicken Soup was definitely worth the travel down. And used in its entirety, the soup is steamed in a whole coconut and presented in the husk so be sure to give it a good mix before consumption. Taking the goodness of chicken soup to a new level, the classic savouriness is enhanced as well as balanced out with the sweetness and light nuttiness of the coconut. Brimming with flavour in each spoonful; the warm, comforting and nourishing soup also has the heady aroma of herbs though thankfully not too overwhelming as you can still taste each ingredient. Very clean and gentle on the palate. The perfect add-on to the harmonious blend would be a bowl of steamed rice and theirs comes with a small handful of crispy silverfish which provides a simple seasoning as well as crunch. Substantial, wholesome and healthy!

So good, they too have an array of other solid, quality soups all priced reasonably. Thus, would recommend placing reservations a day or two beforehand as they sell out pretty quickly in the evenings.


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