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YBB Skewer Meat
Kagoshima Wagyu Beef - $11.90
Everyone knows the fatty Kagoshima wagyu beef, just some light seasoning after flaming and it’s perfect. Tender and fatty all in one. There are many places that sell yakitori but yakibabar has more up its sleeve, they offer beef tongue cubes! Marinated with a perfect sauce and cooked till tender. Their tontonro pork skewer was awesome as well, so fatty so tender so shiok
In my opinion their best item is their foie gras skewer! Love love love it! Nicely coated with a sweet sauce, even someone who don’t eat foie gras like me as blown away and becomes a fan. They offer a lot more types of skewers, main dishes, and wide range of Japanese sake for pairing! Your dinner just got more exciting

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