Yam rice was not mushy unlike most places, with the rice grains hard enough, well separated, and having a decent bite. Quite unique and well executed

The highlight is obviously the braising liquid which is definitely the best I've had so far. It's savoury slant and full bodied flavours easily beats out the sweet or herbaceous kinds that you have elsewhere, but that might be my own preference. To put their already excellent braising sauce over the top though, they sprinkle sesame oil to make it more fragrant and i feel it's really spoiling the market. Duck meat wasnt the most tender but still pretty good

Usually there's sambal and lime chili, but over here the thicker chili alr has sour notes. The lime chili however, was pure sour and unrelenting heat so dont go crazy on it from the start

Unfortunately their braised Pork was tough and flavourless, and its extremely rare i dont recommend pork lol. Their soup was also way too sweet, i stopped after a couple spoonfuls

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