This is legit hands down the best cream puff I have ever eaten in my entire life.

The cafe branded themselves as using premium real hokkaido milk in their food.

The cream puff’s cream filling was 1. Not too sweet 2. Palatable and very non jelat with a milky taste that was not overly rich. 3. Spread all around the entire puff and in abundance lol. 4. The cream was chilled but the outer crust is not cold. Hence the difference in temperature is a boost to the experience.

Besides the filling, The puff also ticked off my criteria of it being crispy despite the holding the cold cream inside. It also had some added crunchy bits that gave it a diff texture. It was NOT SOGGY and did not taste like the cheap durian puff kind of puff. All in all, this cream puff was Really done the Japanese standard!

We got ourselves mentally prepared for a price of at least $5. This hits the sweet spot -$6/pc.

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