NEWest is a mix development located along West Coast Drive, with a Plethora of F&B establishments which includes a handful of Burpple Beyond Merchants.

Birdfolks is one such establishment, with a 1for1 for their Signature Fried Chicken or main plates.

We decided to have their signature Fried Tenderthighs, and a mentaiko Chicken Burger.

The Fried Tenderthighs comes with 3 large strips of Fried Chicken Thigh Meats, fries and salad greens.

The Mentaiko Chicken Burger comes with only 2 Strips, but comes with brioche Buns and a generous amount of Mentaiko Sauce. And also comes with Fries.

The Fried Tenderthighs are definitely more value for money @$14.

The fried chicken thigh strips tasted really good, tasted like it was well marinated with herbs and spices. It was damn crispy and the chicken fillets were damn juicy.

For the 1for1, definitely value for money for me.