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Ordered this to supplement the apparent lack of meat in my Jajjangmyeon. The chicken bulgogi at Three Meals A Day is cooked with sliced cabbage and onions. There’s an option to add cheese atop the dish, but we skipped it this time as all I really wanted was the protein.

The meat is super tender, and marinated really well. This bulgogi isn’t really spicy despite the redness, but it’s addictive all the same. The onions are cooked quite well, so no worries about it being raw. Thanks to the gochujang seasoning, they taste pretty good too and release a burst of juice when you bite into them. The cabbage is crispy and adds some crunch to the whole dish, also providing a welcome contrast in texture to the chewy chicken slices. Overall, quite a solid rendition of chicken bulgogi available in Singapore. A very comforting and safe option if you’re not too adventurous too. Would order this again in the future too!

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