My favourite soft serve place in the entire of Singapore because the flavours are always so so so intense - which just shows how they do not skimp on good quality ingredients! I wanted my houjicha fix so badly that week- but they didn't have it (houjicha is my favourite flavour!) I specially did come down here to try their Black Sesame soft serve though - and I'm so pleased to say it is sooooo good (IT IS NOW TIED with Houjicha as my favourite flavour HAHA) It's just such a good punch πŸ€› of potent black sesame with the perfect balance of sweetness. I dragged my siblings down that day (because I kept raving about the soft serves when I went home, that my sister really wanted to try it for herself) and they agree that Matchaya serves the best Matcha Soft Serve in Singapore ☺️ They also said that the ice cream doesn't dilute in taste even after eating the WHOLE CUP. You can taste the intensity of the flavours up to the very last bite. Black Sesame soft serve was the bottom swirl, while Matcha was the top swirl. I recommend you get separate swirls to enjoy the flavours as pronounced as possible!!!