Se7enth is on Burpple Beyond and Entertainer, but beware that there are differences in the items that you can redeem with these programs. On Burpple Beyond, you can choose from the Mains, Pastas or two of the Chef’s Signatures while the latter is not included in Entertainer.

Thankfully, the signature beef burger is included in both of these and I would definitely recommend ordering this if you actually visit Se7enth. Make sure you add on the complimentary fried egg and bacon to make the most of your money’s worth. At $30, I think the food is very pricey for the portion despite the side salad and fries, especially without a 1-for-1 offer. It’s quite a good deal with Beyond or Entertainer though. The beef patty comes well done by default, and they don’t ask what doneness you want, but it’s well executed, juicy and definitely not too tough. Goes really well with the fried egg and bacon too. Salad veggies are fresh and come with a dash of sesame dressing. Fries are fried to a golden brown and were very enjoyable!

I personally didn’t think our experience was fantastic. Service was a little amateurish. One of the waitstaff spilled a dish at a different table. Also, though we ordered a hor fun dish, the staff didn’t ask who was having the dish before changing the utensils at our table. That said, they are very attentive in refilling water. In my opinion, Se7enth wouldn’t garner a second visit, but if you’re looking for a place for a very quiet dinner on a weekend night, this is it (there were only 3 other occupied tables throughout the duration we were there!).