We saw the advertisement about Yun Nans Steamed Pot Chicken Soup outside the restaurant and we were surprised to find that there was no water added to the dish and instead, the soup was made from the condensate during the boiling process. We decided that we had to order it as it appeared to be one of the restaurant's most interesting dishes! 😁

However, we found the soup to be a little disappointing as the chicken flavour was really mild and to top it off, it was pretty greasy as well. You can see an obvious layer of oil over the surface of the soup. 😰 The pieces of chicken were also pretty tough and they might have been boiled for a little too long. We were told to remove the chicken meat and place them in the separate plate provided so that we can pour the restaurant's mala sauce over the meat. Thankfully, the mala sauce was great as it gave the chicken a spicy and numbing flavour since it would otherwise be a little bland.

For $23.90++, we honestly would not order the dish again as we are fairly sure that we would be able to find better chicken soup outside.