visited habitat last weekend and was pretty impressed with it!! i ate this really yummy beets bowl (?) and we ordered these pancakes ($14) for dessert which honestly blew me away. these pancakes are the right texture of airy, smooth and light all at the same time, true to their name! it’s very satisfying to cut into haha and they are soo jiggly and soft 🤤🤤 i think they are better without the maple syrup even though i usually love maple syrup heh. the vanilla chantilly cream pairs extremely well with the pancakes, though, and this is coming from someone who isn’t really a fan of cream usually!! the pancakes are fluffy and you can really taste the egg in them, i think they’re the right amount of sweetness and it doesn’t leave you feeling jelat at all. i could finish it on my own tbh. definitely worth a try if you head down to habitat 🥞