📍Graffiti Cafe @ NEX

Ambience: 5/10 ❤️❤️🤍🤍🤍
Flavor: 7/10 ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍
Service: 6/10 ❤️❤️🤍🤍🤍
Overall: 18/30 ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍

On a late Monday afternoon, I visited Graffiti Cafe at NEX, which is located right beside Serangoon MRT station Exit E.

I ordered (1) Set B (Wanton Noodles, Water Chestnut Drink, and a Soup), and (2) Ah Balling (Longan Soup).

Graffiti Cafe offered a very good bowl of wanton noodle that is flavourful, filling, and affordable. The fried wontons are very crispy, the noodles are Q, and with each bite, the noodle that is infused with the tomato sauce makes me want to go back for more. The Ah Balling also impressed me as well - chewy and comforting. My only complaint is that the Water Chestnut is way too diluted. It felt like I was drinking a Water Chestnut drink with ice that had been left under the sun to melt for 20 minutes.

For that, I give Graffiti Cafe a 7/10 for Flavour.

As for the ambience, Graffiti Cafe is a decent spot for a very quick meal alone, especially when you are running short of time. The area is quite cramped and if you do visit during peak hour, it can feel like you are squeezing with the rest of the diners.

For that, I give Graffiti Cafe a 5/10 for Ambience.

The food collection area is not well-planned out as it is situated in the middle of a very cramped store right in front of a sitting area. Given that it is such a cramped area, it does not give the diners and people who are taking-away much area to walk. The queue display system is also placed such that you can only view it when you are standing near it. As a result, people who are taking-away their food are forced to cramp around the collection point in the middle of the store, causing a lot of congestion and blockage for other diners who want to walk pass the area - such as to collect their utensil (which is again, poorly designed as it is placed near the cramped collection point which induces a lot of blockage). The staff on the other hand are actually relatively pleasant and friendly!

For that, I give Graffiti Cafe a 6/10 for Service.

Overall, Graffiti Cafe at NEX scored an 18/30 after combining the scores for Ambience, Flavour, and Service. To conclude, Graffiti Cafe is a comforting place for a quick meal if you are craving for an affordable yet delicious bowl of Wanton Noodle and Ah Balling.

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