We ordered a steamed crab and a chilli crab but we requested to choose the crabs. Within about 2 mins of selecting the crabs, both crab dishes were served. We told the waiter that they are definitely not the crabs that we selected as the dishes were served too soon. The waiter told us they served to the wrong table and returned them to the kitchen.

After 40 mins, the crab dishes were still not served so we informed the staff. At 930pm, both crabs were served but to our horror, the crabs were the same as what they had served us earlier on!!!!! Pls refer to the pictures attached. As seen in the pictures, they merely added the garnish for the steamed crab.

How unethical is this of the Chefs. Besides refusing to recook the crabs for us, they left our crabs in the kitchen for a good 40 minutes and served to us. Thankfully, we took pictures and this had served as a useful piece of evidence. When we showed the pictures to the manager, Carol, she initially denied and claimed that their Chefs are always able to serve the dishes in a short time. We told her to allow us to see how the Chefs are able to steam crabs in 2 minutes. This was when she was caught dumbfounded.