(10 sticks for $7) he says it is much better than my old kallang airport hawker one which was too chaotah the last time we ate and with not much meat (and he claims that boon lay's satay is way better than kallang airport hahaha). Has anyone tried all the stalls in satay by the bay before? Which is the best? (They are all priced the same!) We have so far only tried the 2 Chinese stalls but since we tried it so far apart we can't do any comparison.

We also had some kuehpietee because someone was hungry (and almost wanted to order a plate of hokkien Mee) (this was after we had our picnic at barrage with 9pcs burger King chicken nuggets, 2 pcs Krispy Kreme donut, just dough's curry chicken bun and a LARGE cup of liho roasted black tea..no wonder I'm not losing my weight as intended but gaining instead (because I also FOMO. I see him eat I also wana eat haha)😏) #sataybythebaysg #sataybythebay #burpple #burpplesg