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Imagine fried fish skin. But chicken. And Szechuan salt. Infused with smokiness. Great snack that you can just keep munching on and so crunchy.

(I was positive I took a picture of the beef tongue but it doesn't show up at all. )
Beef tongue 6nett per stick
Texture was still ok but I expected more especially since you can grill some bomb beef tongue yourself at some Japanese BBQ buffets lol. But for 6nett it's a tad expensive compared to the rest so my suggestion is to stick to their chicken skewers for a sure bet.

Otherwise the heart( a bouncier version of the thigh which I quite liked) and the cartilage (tried it for novelty and tbh I still prefer meat a lot more) were all not bad. I'm convinced everything is good when it goes with Szechuan spices. Which is really what they are trying to do here so congrats to them for succeeding magnificently

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