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Ordered the Champion Floss Maki ($16.90+ for 8 pieces, $9.90+ for 4) even though I am not a floss person, as I read that it's pretty special.

It's yummy! The salmon & avocado are in perfect harmony, topped off with bountiful fish roe. No idea what goes into that "special sauce", but with all that creamy flavour it can't be healthy lol. Wish it were a little less sour, though. & the wasabi (on the side) has no kick at all, ugh.

Would return again, although this may be biased because liking them on Instagram or Facebook gets you a $5 voucher (min $30 spend) for a return visit. Prices aren't exactly the most affordable for a pricey casual dining establishment.

Interesting to note that the $5 voucher I was given expires in 3 days.. So I returned to tell the cashier to hand it to someone who's actually dining in-house right now so they can use it immediately. He looked surprised at the mistake & swapped it out for one that expires in a month's time. Honest mistake, or...? 🤷

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🙋 10% service charge; no GST
📶 WiFi available (Hillion Mall)