To cater to the Singapore market, Fong Sheng Hao has a few local offerings in their menu made with their signature milk bread.

We tried the Kaya butter toast, which comes with lots of ooey gooey Kaya and a generous slab of butter between soft milk toast. The toast is served warm, so be prepared to see Kaya and butter flow out when you pick it up. I actually really like the texture of the toast, as it was crispy but still soft inside. The milk toast also imparts its own subtle sweetness and milkiness to the sandwich. Fortunately the Kaya they use isn’t too sweet. Overall you get a coconutty taste, with some sweet milkiness and a little saltiness from the butter - all on a crisp yet fluffy toast. Yums. I dare say I like this toast more than the regular traditional brown bread!

The teh c is also nice. The tea aroma is not too watered down, and kosong also wasn’t too bitter.

Try this for a Taiwanese spin on our local coffee shop breakfast.