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As much as I was sad over the exit of Ben & Jerry’s from VivoCity, that feeling transited quickly into curiosity of this new shop that sold ice cream in something. Was that a cone? A churros? A croissant?

Chimney cakes originated from Hungary, and the base was actually baked dough that had some similarities to a chewy bread but made to a “cone”. As for this Chimney Devil (S$7.50), the cone was filled with activated carbon frozen yoghurt and decorated with a dark chocolate coin and a pair of horns made of red fondant. The soft-serve itself was refreshing and not too sweet, but had a frosty texture. The cone was also coated with desiccated coconut, on top of its slightly savoury taste. As a result, the overall feel of this was item was like an afternoon snack to go with a stunning harbourfront view.

S$7.50 for this item might not be the most wallet-friendly deal, but an occasional indulgence like this was not anywhere close to a waste of money actually.

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