Fans of Bedok style bak chor mee (minced pork noodles) and are working in CBD should definitely check this place out.

Soon Heng Pork Noodles is located in a coffee shop along Neil Road. They only sell the soup version of bak chor mee ($4/5) which is largely favoured by most easties (as opposed to the dry version). There’re four types of noodles to choose from mee kia (which I ordered), mee pok, mee tai mak and kway teow. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time and only managed to try this very recently.

Pork thigh bones are boiled for 7 to 8 hours overnight to give the soup a rich and robust flavour, and this contributes to its murky appearance. The soup contains lots of yummy bits of minced pork (bak chor) and there’s no spoonful of soup that will taste one dimensional. Best of it all was that the soup didn’t have MSG and that means that there’s no lingering aftertaste that will make one thirsty.

The mee kia was springy and didn’t have a strong alkaline taste. But I’d recommend those who dislike alkaline-based noodles to go for the other noodle choices.

Dumplings are handmade and were packed with minced pork and dried sole fish. Although I felt the filling would be better if it wasn’t moulded into a paste.

I was hoping for some fried lard bits as what I saw in earlier reviews but was devoid of them. Nevertheless, it was a great bowl of bak chor mee that I’d recommend for breakfast/ lunch if you’re in the area.