It’s a really cozy place with a warm ambience! We got the mushroom truffle soup which is filled with herbs and obviously truffle. If you’re into herby mushroom soup then this place has imo, one of the best!

Next, we got the Dirty Norwegian, a salmon croissant! Which is actually pretty amazing. The croissant was fragrant, the salmon was just right and the poached egg was done well. The salad that came with it was also damn good

Next, it’s the chili crab pasta. Not really my thing. But it is spicy and flavour packed with crab and filled with real crabmeat!

For drinks, we got the iced honey chamomile! Nothing much to say except, that for a floral tea lover, this is a must get!

Mushroom soup: 9/10
Dirty Norwegian: 8.5/10
Chili crab pasta: 5.8/10
Iced honey chamomile: 9/10
Overall: 8.1/10

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