Having lived in Bishan for 30 years, I can say that it is a gastronomical desert. Yes, there are a couple of famous stalls (e.g. Ming Kee) but you will rarely hear people saying "I went to Bishan yesterday to check out the XXX".

Things have been changing a little lately (see the revamped Kim San Leng kopitiam). Today's post is about @shixiangge, a Chinese la mian stall which opened in 2018 and quickly attracted hordes of diners.

Chef-owner Liu was the La Mian director for Crystal Jade and his noodles are naturally the signature dish of Shi Xiang Ge. I had their mala beef noodles and loved his 刀削面 (dao xiao mian or knife shaved noodles) which are springy with a nice bite. The broth is apparently beef broth but I couldn't taste it because even the 小辣 was a little too spicy for my weak tummy. I did however love their fat and juicy fatty intestines which are really tasty and as good as any of thr kway chap stalls you can think of.

I also had their sichuan spicy wonton in red oil which is as good as those you can find in the branded chain restaurants. The rou jia mou (or Chinese hamburger) was rather disappointing as it was a little too greasy for my liking.

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