Made it to Lawa Bintang finally to try the lobster Nasi Lemak and it was worth it! Visited for dinner around 7.30 and almost all the tables were occupied with at least one plate of lobster Nasi Lemak on the table - that’s indeed how good this dish is. It is on the pricey side for Nasi Lemak, but the lobster and cheese sauce spooned over it are just mind blowing. The long grain basmati rice was extremely lemak and fragrant too, and ultra yummy when paired with the sambal chilli which wasn’t too sweet. Might be nicer if it was spicier but I guess more people can enjoy it this way.

I added on a chicken wing but didn’t like it. The batter didn’t fully coat the chicken wing and it wasn’t crispy. So skip the chicken wing and just go with the lobster Nasi Lemak or mee siam (which my mom tried and said was awesome)!