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Why do sense and sensibility get thrown out the door when hunger pangs strike in the middle of the night? I, for one, crave the most unhealthy things around that time. More often than not, don't ask me why, it's Nasi Lemak that I long for. And it has to be the Ponggol one along Tanjong Katong Road.
Greedy loves company so I never venture there alone. Whether it is with my significant other or a group of friends, it's a no-holds-barred, storm-the-front event once we arrive at the brightly lit corner coffeeshop. Why have one fried chicken wing when we can have two? Heck, let's throw in an extra portion of rice while we pile on the other trimmings like fried egg, otak, luncheon meat, crispy ikan bilis and stir-fried lady's fingers! Happiness would be written in glistening grease all over our faces as we chomp on our calorie-laden supper, washed down by mugs of hot "teh-o siu dai" (plain tea with less sugar). At these proceedings, conversation tends to take a backseat because clearly, our attention is devoted to the food.
When we're finally done, with our belts loosened and buttons released, we quietly roll away into the night... propelled by our happy burps.