Bought two packets of fishball noodles. Asked if that packet was chilli free and she replied, not chilli then ketchup right! Ask for cut chilli, uncle throw me the plastic bag and gave me the irritated look (mind u it was 3pm and I was the only customer, nobody was behind me so I wasn't holding up the queue) Fine I filled up myself and the soya sauce was dripped on the outside (im not a professional chilli packer) and I used the towel beside to wipe the packet and got scolded.

As I walked away from the stall I realised the food content was so hot that the orange outer plastic bag melted and fused together with the internal plastic that was holding my noodles! I don't know how much the plastic has leached into my noodles.

Anyway i ate the other bag, and no doubt the fishball was good, the noodles was just soaked in lard and chilli oil. It was too oily for me.

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