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They're a ramen and cocktail bar now. We checked them out.

First up, the King of Pork ramen. It comes with a 'pork tomahawk' which, yknow, if that serving size doesn't change, this bowl is going to be a goddamn value meal. The pork chop is massive. And it's tasty. Very tasty. Borderline pink (which is great, even better if it's more medium rare but people are squeamish about that when it comes to pork, so this is pretty much as good as it gets), succulent and comes with a whole perfume bottle of smokiness from the grill. In a good way, we promise. The chop is very good. It just doesn't quite fit with the rest of the ramen.

The broth tastes vaguely like a mix between a spicy miso and a tonkotsu. We say vaguely because it's quite a meek soup. Hard to taste too much in it. It's a bit milky, a bit cloudy, and mostly overpowered by the smokiness from the pork. Could be a pork broth in there somewhere. Hard to tell, really. And noodles-wise, we forgot to ask for hardcore noods so they came out Malaysian-level soft. Malaysians sure do love their soggy noodles! Not much texture or taste to the noodles either, but our bad for not indicating the hardness. Best part of the bowl? Perfectly cooked, flavourful, warm ajitama.

So yeah, that's the taste of the ramen. But when we said the pork doesn't quit fit in, we meant it literally. It's visually arresting but we had to remove it to a plate to cut into. Bit impossible if you leave it in the bowl and refuse to resort to grabbing it and gnawing away. Anyway, we'll be back to try the other bowls (rice bowls too)! Oh, and we had a cocktail. Liquid Courage was sweet, rummy, with a bit of desiccated coconut in the chocolate but would have liked a lot more liquid in the cocktail. Literally came out as half a glass.

OH and almost forgot - the storefront is gorgeous. Almost worth the admission fee alone.

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