Read about La Pasteleria's new opening in novena and it was at the top of my list when I returned to the novena neighbourhood earlier this week. Took me quite some time to locate them. They aren't inside royal square novena but outside near courtyard Marriott's entrance and near twomenbagelhouse (I walked past twomenbagelhouse and was shockedddd by the long queue of youngsters, like 15+ ppl? Haha twomenbagelhouse is the next food on my list to try when I'm back in novena!)

Visited the place at around 1+pm on weekday afternoon and the brownies was still available! Got the seasalt brownies ($5.5) to try! Just to note, the caramel core wasn't the flowy kind even though I heated it up to eat the next day. But I thought the caramel and sea salt went super well! I super love the salty taste of the seasalt, complementing with the sweet caramel and less sweet brownie. The only problem I had was trying to apportion out the seasalt sprinkles and caramel to the whole brownie (and it kind of got too salty in the end as I was eating from around the square inwards lol). May be back again to try the other brownie flavours! But $5.5 was slightly expensive imo (but the normal price of most bakeries and homemakers now), so it shall be once in a few months indulgence?

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